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Spay / Neuter Information

Spay? Neuter?
I don’t want to do that to my pet!

But wait!

Spaying / Neutering will improve your pet’s quality of life and increase its lifespan.

Failing to spay or neuter your animals carries much more risk than just unwanted litters.

  • Neutered male cats live 62% longer than unneutered male cats.

  • Spayed female cats live 39% longer than unspayed female cats.

  • Neutered male dogs live 18% longer than unneutered male dogs.

  • Spayed female dogs live 23% longer than unspayed female dogs.

  • Over 80% Of unneutered male dogs develop prostate problems.

  • Dogs not spayed before the first heat cycle have chance of developing mammary tumors.

  • Dogs spayed after the first heat cycle have an 8% chance of developing mammary tumors.

  • Dogs spayed after the second heat cycle have a 26% chance of developing mammary tumors. Not to mention perianal tumors (triggered by testosterone) and pyometra (almost always fatal without expensive and complicated surgery.)

The Humane Society of Shenandoah County Spay/Neuter transport leaves from and returns to the HSSC shed at the Edinburg Park at 7:00 a.m. Volunteers meet in the Park at 6:45 a.m. on both days to set-up for either check-in or checkout.

Call or text 540-421-4842 or email for more information.

What is Feline Fix by Five?

From the President of United Spay Alliance:  Feline Fix by Five got its start in 2016, after a group of veterinarians met to discuss the optimal age for the spay/neuter of cats. The recommendations of the task force provided the foundation of the Feline Fix by Five campaign. In June of 2017,  the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) – the nation’s leading veterinary advocate formally endorsed those recommendations.

Why should your organization support Feline Fix by Five?

We Spay/Neuter at 2 Months / 2 Pounds, Isn’t this Regressive?2023-10-31T01:41:14-04:00

As the campaign name suggests, it is Feline Fix BY Five! Whenever it happens; as long as it happens
before five months of age. While many rescue organizations have embraced pediatric sterilization. many
private practice veterinarians have not. Too many people still believe the old myths, and support the
outdated standard of waiting until at least SIX months or worse—after they’ve had a litter of kittens. Our
understanding about animal health and science has changed—and our message should too.
We want the public to hear resounding agreement throughout the veterinary community. Wether they
are fixed at two pounds, three months, or 16 weeks — every cat should be fixed by five months

Why five? If kittens can get pregnant at four months, isn’t five too late?2023-10-29T17:46:29-04:00

Again we want folks to know they should fix BY five months. And for veterinarians who have been
pushing the outdated information about fixing at or after six months, five isn’t too big a step-but it is a
step tn the right direction. Even one month will prevent countless litters from being born.

What’s in it for me?2023-10-29T17:47:15-04:00

The more organizations who adopt this language. the more pressure there will on the veterinary
community to change. By educating the public about the benefits of spay/neuter, and emphasizing the
right time for surgery. we are changing the landscape for all pets.

What do I need to do?2023-11-18T15:40:37-05:00

Promote Feline Fix by five! Endorse the campaign, then add our logo to your website and share our
resources with your clients. Then encourage your veterinary providers to do the same. Veterinarians who
support Feline Fix by Five can join our provider list here

Feline Fix by Five is a program of Marian’s Dream and United Spay Alliance.

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